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Chinseikyuui Rihatsu

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Chinseikyuui Rihatsu

Post  Nokutisu Shikyo on Tue May 26, 2009 4:48 pm

Name of Zanpaktou:Chinseikyuui Rihatsu

Appearence of Zanpkatou:

Zanpaktou Manifestation:

Call Sign Tranquil the universe with your everlasting flame....

Shikai technique(s) The user (Nokutisu) has free manipulation over water molecules and items that have liquid subtance (i.e, water, ice, rain, snow, sleet, etc). Although not as proficient as some zanpaktou's who have complete control over a certain element pertaining to water (i.e Hynorimaru with his complete control over ice and freezing water to make ice), his main focus is water. Some Techniques Nokutisu can perform without the use of releasing his shikai (some of his kido revolves around his element) form while others have to Techniques include:

non-shikai form techinques

Water Clone: Because of Nokutisu's complete prodigy level mastery of shunpo and his connection between Rihatsu, he can use part of the water molecules that surround him or from the zanpaktou to created a image of him and when the opponent attacks the clone, the water dispereses and the opponent can be engulfed by the water or the water will settle in the ground

shikai form techinques

Creation of Water: Nokutisu can create water out of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the air to perform a certain number of attacks.

Water/Ice/Steam/Liquid Dragon: Coming from either a source or from the Creation of Water techinque, a large and powerful water dragon forms to come and attack the opponet

Water/Ice/Steam/Liquid Shield: A variable shield (depending on the circumstances) of water is formed to defend against certain attacks. A common weakness is that the water shield can be broken down once the opponent drills through it continously

Shikai appearence:

Bankai Ability: A noticable feature of Nokutisu is that his immense speed increases but one of his favorite techinques is letting the area around him (regardless of setting) begin to rain. The rain can create images of himself and start to make illusions.Unlike the shikai release of his zanpaktou which utilizies different shapes and forms of water and its properties, the opponent is either being attack by the mutilple in a temporary illusion. These illusions look exactly like Nokutisu and the opponent (regardless of tactial strength or genius level skills) will start getting attacked by the illusions. The opponent might slash at the illusion Nokutisu or a water Nokutisu and be cut by another seemingly illusion of Nokutisu. The dissarray factor and the psychological factor will begin to detoriate the opponent after a few slashes of Nokutisu's blade. However, after three post of this ability, it takes three post to rest before Nokutisu can perform this attack again

A final ability of Chinseikyuui Rihatsu is called the "Mirror World" affect in which both Nokutisu and the opponent are trapped in a ice-like dome in which Nokutisu has absolute control over. The illusion affect becomes stronger due to that the fact that the dome is control where as the open enviroment is much more difficult to control

Bankai appearence: Nokutisu has a attire simular to that of a ninja, with a giant "X" that goes across from shouldersto his hip bones. Behind him is are black angels that at the end of it are blue tips, twice his size that can protect him from some physical or elemental attacks.

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Re: Chinseikyuui Rihatsu

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Tue May 26, 2009 5:48 pm

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