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Item Template

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Item Template

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Tue May 26, 2009 5:31 pm

Armor Name: (Name of your armor when you call your bow. E.g. a gauntlet which can be used to as a shield on melee fighter. NOTE: Legendary Quincy can have two armors)

Armor Description: (An image of what your armor looks like or a good description)

Armor Capability: (What your armor/s can do)

Bow Name: (Name of your bow. Only one but legendary Quincy can have two or more set of armor)

Cross Description: (All quincy had cross to materialize their bow, what about yours. An image will do)

Bow Manifestation: (What your bow looks like. In image or in words. For example the bow of ishida was web like shaped)

Description: (Describe the power of your bow, how fast it fires, how strong. But fast fires are low damage. Large damage slow rate of firing )


Techniques need usage limits and cooldown. After you use the specified amount of the tech "usage limit" You must wait X amount of posts of the Cooldown until you can use the the same tech again. Use logic when making these

Rules in making Techs:
1-99 posts: 2 techs
100-199: 3 techs
200-299: 4 techs
300-399: 5 techs.... and so on... you can add more techs as your post goes up.

RULES!: Another rule was applied, Before you post your new technique you must train it at the "Techniques Training" thread. Follow the guidelines there, if your topic was approve by an admin or the moderator of that thread you can post it now and add that technique to your profile and custom creation.
After it was approve you must post the link of your newly made tech.


New Technique - [Link] (That is the format)


Armor Name:

Armor Description:

Armor Capability:

Bow Name:

Cross Description:

Bow Manifestation:



Final Form is finally available to ALL Quincy.

Now here's all the information you need.

Final Form can only and ONLY be activated when the user is under near death experience. The user will experience intense promotion in power as in increase in speed, physical strength, arrow strength and all that malarkey
This should be noted, that Quincy final form can fight on par or be superior to Bankai, Resurrecion etc.

After the user has accomplished their goal whether it be survival, to eliminate the enemy or to simply run away, the user will fall out of Final Form, drained off all their reiatsu and shutting down their body (passing out).

Also Note: In this form, the user accelerates his/her uptake on Reishi particles, in this state, the user can collectively focus the Reishi on a wound, healing themselves in the process.


Name: Name of your Final Form manifestation?

Final Form: What does your char look under Final Form manifestation?

Description: You are given 1 and ONLY 1 new ability. This ability will have an auto 3 post cool down and 1 post usage. Uber abilities will obviously be rejected.
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