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Nokutisu techniques

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Nokutisu techniques

Post  Nokutisu Shikyo on Wed May 27, 2009 12:39 am

Name: Shunpo Prodigy
Effect: Since the age when he was firmly able to walk and run solidly, his father train him constantly over and over and over again to master the full steps of Shunpo. His fathers reasons was cause he believe that his son should be the fastest (probably dream of Nokutisu being faster than himself) and he wanted him to earn the title as "God of Flash". Another factor that comes into play is that the Shikyo clan was renowned for their deathly speed in combat. At the age of 7, he was extremely well adapated to the art of Shunpo. By the time he was at the age of 60, he was able to create extremely detailed images of himself (even down to the blood getting spurted out when his image is attack). He is able to be at mutiple places at once, in the blink of an eye, possibly being the fastest shinigami in history.
Range:All Ranges
Type: Passive

Weakness: Some of the weakness goes as follows: When one foot, or leg is damage critically, his speed is slow due to the amount of strain it takes to move. Although he masters in shunpo to be able to do it with only one leg, it will still hinder him if he has to

Name: Hand-to-Hand Prodigy
Effect: Simular to Shunpo, Nokutisu's father train him in many deadly arts in martials arts, ranging from Taekwondo, Judo, Southern mantis style Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, but more specially ninjutsu and assassination martial arts. He had a full grasp of it by the time he was 8 and had truly mastered it at the age of 14. Even so that overtime (During his travels) be began to research about his own fighting styles that will help him during many situations in battle (i.e close ranges battles in a tight fitting area, or an opponent who flies in the air). His hands are extremely deadly, so much so that he does not need to use his zanpaktou to defeat his opponents, whether they be shinigami or hollow
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Attack

Weakness: All Martial Arts Styles have strengths and weaknesses, if the opponent is logically anaylitical on the situation, they would be able to find weaknessses lodge into every technique

Name: Assassin/Stealth Mastery
Effect: Being that his father was the 2nd Division Captain prior to the Gotei 13 establishing itself, he learn at a early age that stealth is key to all of successful missions. In short, Nokutisu can sneak up behind someone without the use of that opponent knowing and because he has complete control over his large amount of spirtual energy, his stealth and assassination is completely master
Range:(Close, Mid, or Far)
Type: (Passvie, Attack, etc.)


Name: Kido Specialist (Water Kido)
Effect: Although not proficient like his predecessor Yoruichi Shinoin, he is extremely well adapted with his type of kido, which is water molecular manipulation. He is able to perform water type kido without incantations and
Range:All Ranges
Type: Offensive, Defensive

Weakness: A common weakness: Earth style Kdo

Name: Swordmanship Master
Effect: Learning Kendo, Kenjutsu, and Ninjutsu, Nokutisu speciality with swords in undeniable well spoken about. Although he prefers using his hands over his sword, he is able to use his zanpaktou in both left and right hand, separately, perform difficult stunts without a hassle (Due to his large experience he has pertain over the years). He at times holds his blade upside down, as a style of assassination.
Range:Close Mid to Far(Shikai and Bankai)
Type: Offesnive

Weakness: n/a

Name: Strategist/Tactian/Scientist
Effect: Because of his large experience in the spirt world (2,045 years) he has seem many different strategies styles, moves, countermoves, etc thus having plans upon plans upon plans. He is also a renowned scientist who likes to study and perform experiements.
Type: Passive

Name: Immense Spirutal Pressure
Effect: Having a simular affect like Yamamoto, his spirtual pressure is immense to overwhelem certain shinigami (Not out of power but because of experience). It has a flame like affect (Due to the fact that his zanpatou is a phoniex like Yamamoto), it can either be intensely hot or tranquil-like cool (Depending on the type of emotion he displays. When threatening, he gives off the intense hot aura)
Type: Passive

Name:Enhanced Strength
Effect: Due to the nature of being a captain of the second divisio and having full prodigy level skills in hand to hand combat, his strength had to be by far, enhanced, in order to achieve certain difficulty of moves. By his 245th birthday, his strength had far exceeded from expectation. He is able to punch through walls that are made of thick metal, defend against a zapaktou in its sealed state and jump higher and run faster.
Range: Close
Type: Passive

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Re: Nokutisu techniques

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Wed May 27, 2009 4:16 pm

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