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Kai's Abilities and Techniques

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Kai's Abilities and Techniques

Post  Kai Munousha on Wed May 27, 2009 3:46 pm

Name: Dim Mak (Death Touch)
Effect: This is not even a ability at all. Infact, this is a fighting style that has been highly practiced in the Munousha family for decades. By striking pressure points on the body, Kai is able to cause internal damage, paralyze and even cause death. Along with this, some points can cause positive effects such as increased eye sight and faster brain activity. Known as the Munousha family's prodigy, and the best Dim Mak fighter of all time, Kai has been given the title "God of Death" much like the known "God of Flash".
Range: Close
Type: Attack and Passive
Weakness: This is a real life fightning style. Aside from having to memorize the locations of the pressure points, the user must also be able to apply the right amount of pressure when striking. Pressure points are small so it is easy to miss.

Here are some of the more known points.

NAME: Gaishoho
LOCATION: One half inch above PC # 6, on the Pericardium meridian, on the palm side of the arm about two and a half inches above the wrist, between the Radius and the ulna bones.
EFFECT: Primarily, Gaishoho is used for Limb destruction . Which will paralyze or numb.There maybe a lack of or complete loss of control of the motor skill in the hand and arm. In a heavy strike, the pain may increase and travel into the shoulder and chest, one or more of the indication list above may develop, If the dragging technique is used, you may activate the trigger point which Would amplify any and all of the strike to follow, when the sharper strikes are being used, it will change the strike to a combination Limb destruction/ nerve strike/ trigger strike.

NAME: Kinteki
LOCATION: General (vital ) areas; K # 11, is 5 cun below the umbilicus, on the superior border of Pubic Symphysis, 0.5 cun lateral to CV #2 which is also implicated in the strike, located on the midpoint of the upper boarder of the Superior pubic ligament : SXC #1, face of the Testes.
EFFECT: In the case of effecting the testacies only; Causes stimulation including hanging of testacies, irritation of surrounding nerves, arteries and veins, stoppage of breath, loss of bladder retention. K #11 may cause the kidney to loss effectiveness or function. CV # 2, connection to CV # 3. In the case of damage to Pubic Symphysis, a fracture or break, will make movement not viable. If all the above is hit heavily, a high degree of pain which may leads to Knock out and can also lead to fatality, do to kidney destruction. All above indication as well.

NAME: Koori
LOCATION: Gap between the first and second toe on the foot surface of the web.
EFFECT: Fainting , Senseless, severe pain to the foot and the loin, by stimulation to the inner foot nerve and shin artery and bone nerves, causing loss of motor organ.

NAME: Bitei
LOCATION: The very tip of the Coccyx (tail bone).
EFFECT: Long term pain in any case, due to pressure, fracture or breaking to the tip of the Coccyx. The length of time of pain in any case can last from weeks to years.

NAME: Uchi Kuro Bushi
LOCATION: In the depression of the lower border of the medial malleolus or one cun (inch) below the medial malleolus. Just below and slightly to the front of the knobby protruding of bone on the in side of the ankle of the right leg.
EFFECT: Certain, long term slow death.

NAME: Yako
LOCATION: Four cun (inches) above the medial epicedial of the femur, between m. vastus medialis and m. Sartorius. One inch below the center of the inner thigh.
EFFECT: Fainting slowing or stoppage of the breath and bending forwards from the waste and a bending of the knee. Also neuropathy (numbness).

NAME: Yun Chuan
LOCATION: On the sole of the foot just forward of center.
EFFECT: Numbness, falling, paralyzation, shock, can effects the brain seriously, k.o. death. This point is a very good revival point used for fainting or k.o., By rubbing clock Wise deep into the point.

NAME: Muyo bone
LOCATION: Inside edge of the tibia, seven cun above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the medial aspect near the medial border of the tibia.
EFFECT: Senselessness.

NAME: Kote
LOCATION: On the inner crease of the elbow (find the center of the crease, and move inward toward the body one half cun.)
EFFECT: Fainting is the most common result, but combined with other element points, may result in death or delayed death ( Dim Mak). Causes the heart stop, deterioration of the entire heart system over a span of years.

NAME: Hichu
LOCATION: This pressure point is located in the center of the lowest part of the Neck, in the hollow.
EFFECT: Suppressed wind pipe / stoppage of Breath / temporary stunning. Temporary stunning, slow death.

NAME: Sonu
LOCATION: The general location of this area is stomach # 9&10 and large intestine # 17 & 18. Note: if you place your finger on top of your Adam's apple, and move your finger horizontally about an inch, a light pulse may be found indicating the anterior jugular vein and the common carotid art, this pulse is an indicator of were St # 9 is located, which is on both the right and left side of the neck. After St # 9. has been located, Li #17 is lateral from St #9, Li # 18 is vertically under it. St # 10 is lateral in the direction of the tip of the Adam's apple form Li # 18, so a square form maybe mapped out.
EFFECT: Because of loss of motor organ function, caused by a severe change in blood Circulation, caused by irritated or damaged artery and nerves. Each one of these points has their independent indications each one has it own Effects. Any combination of points will be fatal.

NAME: Shofu
LOCATION: In the lateral aspect of the neck, in the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus posterosuperior on both sides of the center of the neck.
EFFECT: Because of severe changes in blood pressure and Stoppage of circulation and stimulation to the carotid artery and the pneumogastric causing sense and motor organ dysfunction. Death / delayed death.

NAME: Tendo
LOCATION: Found at the top of the skull, 2 cun (inch) posterior to the mid point of the anterior hairline.
EFFECT: With a light strike, dizziness a heavier strike may cause severe shock to the cerebrum / irritation of The nerves surrounding the brain / loss of ones mental and bodily senses / loss of motor organs / fracture to Suture at that point of the skull. Brain damage. Dizziness, shock, senselessness, brain damage, skull fracture, slow and instant death.

NAME: Tento
LOCATION: 0.5 cun or one half inch directly above the middle of the anterior hairline.
EFFECT: Stimulation of the brains nerves causing fainting is a primary result as well as concussion, fracture, death. Energy disruption of the central brain nerves, in the case of the one finger and dagger fist and fracture and concussion in the case of the back fists, and in the case of the cutting fist all the above. All the above fist strikes may cause all the above effects, See commentary.

NAME: Kasumi
LOCATION: Sphenoid or temple, in the depression about one inch posterior to the midpoint between the lateral eyebrow and the outer canthus.
EFFECT: If the strike is very light, fainting or a momentary knock out is a high possibility. If the strike is powerful, the veins and arteries would be ruptured and death would soon occur. This hollow is the junction for the meeting of the arteries and veins in the cranium although some nerves will be struck and these nerves will contract greatly, this attack is primarily a blood gate attack If the attack is very powerful, the arteries will rupture.

NAME: Dokko
LOCATION: Dokko is a hollow spot behind the ear lobe
EFFECT: Nerve damage to the brain in the case of death, Jaw may become unhinged, hearing loss. Death, k.o. falling damage to the jaw, nerve damage

NAME: Mimi
LOCATION: Whole of the Ear
EFFECT: Rupture of the tympanic membrane (ear drum), unconsciousness, concussion. Possible deafness, trauma to surrounding nerves and veins, shock. Note; All the point of the human body are accessible from the ears or the feet. Effects or results may be numberless.

LOCATION: One half inch above Eye Bridge, between the eyes.
EFFECT: Rupture of the sense and motor organs, because of stimulation of the brain nerves caused by severe shock to the cerebrum. Swollen face, damage to the eyes, possible nose bleeds. Moderate attack dizziness or possible unconscious / heavy attack fracture of the neck, instant death by means of cracking the skull and or destroying the brain itself.

NAME: Seidon
LOCATION: Yuyao, middle of the eyebrow ,St#1, with the eye looking forward, the point is under the pupil, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge.
EFFECT: Will cause a nervous disorder because of irritation to the cerebrum. Unconsciousness

NAME: Jinchu
LOCATION: A little above midpoint of the philtrum, just under the nostrils.
EFFECT: In the case of a heavy blow death / in the case of a lighter blow
pain and or fainting, bloody nose, broken cartilage or bone. Also
used for compliance, copied with other. Loss of function of the motor sense’s organs and brain.

NAME: Genkon
LOCATION: In the depression in the center of the Mentolabial groove,
EFFECT: Loss of both organ and motor sense’s, caused by stimulation to the nerves leading to the brain. Fainting Unconsciousness Death.

NAME: Mikazuki
LOCATION: Above the Adam’s apple, in the depression of the upper boarder of the hyoid bone.
EFFECT: Nerve disorder caused by concussion. Unconsciousness possibly death.

NAME: Keichu
LOCATION: Center of the back of the neck, between the third and fourth
Cervical vertebrae.
EFFECT: Stimulation to the brain / loss of function to organs / loss of motor
function. Death / unconsciousness / loss of speech.

Name: Eta Dim Mak (Eternal Death Touch)
Effect: By focusing both his and Noth's spiritual energy into his hand, when kai touches his target, it will use his negation technique on his enemy for the duration of the topic/rp.
Range: Close
Type: Attack
Weakness: Must be in Shikai form and has a cool down of three posts.

Name: Hyouden (Eternal Field of Snow)
Effect: By focusing both his and Noth's spiritual energy and by releasing it all at once, it creates a field around himself that continues the negation effects as long as he keeps using his spritual energy.
Range: Depends on amount of energy being used comnstantly.
Type: Attack
Weakness: Must be in Shikai form and constantly uses his spiritual energy. Continious use will leave him weak.

Name: Goubatsu (Eternal Punishment)
Effect: By releasing an extremely large amount of his spiritual power all at once, it creates a pulse that repels all matter.
Range: Depends on amount of power put into it.
Type: Attack and Passive
Weakness: Two post cool down (cannot use for two more posts after use.)
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Re: Kai's Abilities and Techniques

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Wed May 27, 2009 4:17 pm

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