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Zanpaktou Template

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Zanpaktou Template

Post  Lee on Mon May 25, 2009 3:20 am

Name of Zanpaktou:

Appearence of Zanpkatou: (What it would look like in it's normal state)

Zanpaktou Manifestation: (The picture/appearence description of your Zanpaktou's manifestation. The Zanpaktou manifestation is what the Zanpaktou looks like in humanoid form. For example, Zengatsu is the name of Ichigo's sword, but it is also a spirit of some kind. A manifestation. Also, give any extra details about your Zanpaktou's manifestation that you wish to give.)

Call Sign (What do you say to activate your Shikai?)

Shikai technique(s) (Learn a new technique after every 100 posts. You start with one technique.)

Shikai appearence: (What does your Zanpaktou look like in shikai form?)

Bankai Ability: (What does your bankai do? [Captains and Lutenits only])

Bankai appearence: (What does your Zanpaktou look like in Bankai form?)

[b]Name of Zanpaktou:[/b]

[b]Appearence of Zanpkatou:[/b]

[b]Zanpaktou Manifestation:[/b]

[b]Call Sign[/b]

[b]Shikai technique(s)[/b]

[b]Shikai appearence:[/b]

[b]Bankai Ability:[/b]

[b]Bankai appearence:[/b]


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