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Rukia's Zanpakuto

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Rukia's Zanpakuto

Post  Rukia on Thu May 28, 2009 5:05 pm

Name of Zanpaktou:Sode no Shirayuki

Appearence of Zanpkatou: A normal katana with a rectangular hand guard and reddish-brown handle

Zanpaktou Manifestation: unknown

Call Sign Dance

Shikai technique(s) Sode no Shirayuki has control over ice, rather fitting for her cold and icy demeanor, much like Tōshirō Hitsugaya's Hyōrinmaru, but uses it in a different manner. Like Kaname Tōsen's Suzumushi and Kisuke Urahara's Benihime, Sode no Shirayuki possesses more than one ability in shikai.[4]Sode no Shirayuki's abilities are labeled as "dances" by Rukia.

Some no mai, Tsukishiro (初の舞・月白, First Dance, White Moon): Rukia calls out the name of the dance while holding her zanpakuto upside down. The blade glows and then she makes a slashing motion when her target is in position. When she does this a large ice circle forms around her intended target which freezes everything that touches it. The circle not only freezes the ground but everything within the circles influence including anything above it up in the air, creating a extending pillar of light that then freezes all within in the circle. Shortly after being frozen, the victim then shatters along with the ice. Rukia appears to be able to control the size of the circle at will.

Tsugi no mai, Hakuren (次の舞・白漣, Next Dance, White Ripple): Rukia calls out the name of the dance, and punctures the ground once creating a large ice circle similar to the first dance, then she punctures the ground in front of her four times in a semi circle. She takes a battle stance as the ice particles begin to flow up from the protrusions she made in the ground. They build up and then fires toward the target in a massive, powerful pure-white wave of ice from Sode no Shirayuki's blade, in turn incasing the target in a block of ice

San no mai, Shirafune (参の舞・白刀, Third Dance, White Sword): Rukia calls out the name of the dance, which allows her to reforge her Zanpakutō with ice particles if it is broken, piercing through objects in its path. After piercing its target, it continues to freeze any surrounding objects, including the battlefield.

Shikai appearence: Rukia holds her zanpakuto out in front of her and turns it in a circle counter-clockwise. While she is turning it The blade, hilt and crossguard turn completely white. The tsuba becomes a circle and a white ribbon forms from the pommel. Sode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful Zanpakutō in Soul Society. The transformation comes along with a rush of cold air in all directions and can potentially cause a cold fog to descend upon the area.

Bankai Ability: Not yet accheived

Bankai appearence:

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Re: Rukia's Zanpakuto

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Thu May 28, 2009 5:07 pm

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