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Kaji Kanto

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Kaji Kanto

Post  Kaji-Kanto on Fri May 29, 2009 10:05 pm

Gerenal Info:

Name: Kanto Kaji
Age Appearance: 18
Real Age: 685
Gender: Male
Living area Karakura town

Misc Info:
Rank: Vice captain
Kaji's abilities are very odd for a Ex-shinigami. He focused on shunpo abilities while his time in the second division. These shunpo abilities had made him a expert and specialize in close combat battles.

However due to his zanpaktou he has a very strange capabilities in long ranged abilities as his zanpaktou can switch between a blade and a bow.


-Hollow mask
Kaji is a strange individual. He has developed a different personality that goes along with every single emotion. He can also go through emotions in what seems to be less than seconds. He can be completely unpredictable in battle and outside of battle he can be completely spaced out and almost just wild to serious to the point of being able to freak out people.

However there are a few traits that shine through this strange part. Kaji is a playful individual often joking around at the worst moments and playing with his opponent while in battle.

He is very analytical and strategic. Even though he may seem he's doing stuff randomly he is actually planning out the battle to almost every last detail.

Kaji's last trait is that he is majority sadistic. He loves to feel pain shutter through his body and this will lead him to move himself into the way to get hit. He also loves to inflict pain on his opponents and this leads him to be often very merciless.

Background Info:
Life on earth

Kaji was born on a cruise ship that was traveling back to japan for its final stop. His mother had gone into labor about 12 hours before the boat landed and kaji was out at 3:56 p.m..

Kaji's mother was a stay at home wife and his father was a Hit-man in a local mafia gang. Kaji was a strange baby. He rarely cried and he slept often. His mother worried about him but when she took him to the doctor he was fine. He was perfectly healthy.

When kaji turned 2 and only after a few months his house was set on fire. His father and mother were in the house. His father grabbed him and ran out of the burning house. His mother however was not lucky. She was trapped under a bookshelf which had tipped over.

As the firemen arrived and put out the fire the house was in ruins and his mother well what was left was found under the bookshelf as ashes.

Kaji being only a child did not know what was going on. His father was heartbroken as he knew why this had happened. He was a constant target due to him being part of a mafia gang in the small city.

Kaji grew up not knowing his mother as every shred of her was gone in that fire. Kaji was a child left to his father to take care of. At the age of 5 he was a strong disciplined child. Yet for some reason he was a insane child with anger issues.

He was taught by his father how to use a blade and to protect himself. Kaji at the age of 6 soon entered school early. He got into fights constantly. He left the other kids injured as he walked away his fists busted open bleeding.

However when he was not suspended he was a brilliant student a prodigy in some ways. He was analytical quiet and shy. He never spoke in class and people called him weird.

When kaji's 11th birthday came a new tragedy came about. As he entered his apartment he found his father on the floor a bullet hole in his head. Kaji fell next to his father and tears fell from his eyes.

He got up after a few moments and ran out of the apartment. He no longer went to school from this day on and he took up his fathers work. He met with his uncle who showed him to the boss.

He had become a hit-man. A sword in one hand a gun in the other. After a few years he was in his apartment when a man walked into it. The mans hand went to his back pocket and kaji jumped forward his hand coming out of his pocket. It un-flipped a knife. Kaji fell forward as a bullet seared through his flesh right at his heart.

The knife flew out of his hands and landed on the ground. His eyesight went black and he passed from this earth.

Rukongai days

Kaji awoke after his death in the soul society. it broken-down was a what seemed to be city that was very non-advanced compared to the real world. He walked towards a small area that had a group of people there.

His gaze wandered around and soon he found himself walking into a woman and she hit the ground. He fell back and instantly he reacted his hand hitting the ground and he flipped himself back onto his feet. The woman stood up and got a little huffy untill kaji apologized and asked what this place was.

She then realized he was new and told her the place was called rukongai the place where disgruntled souls live who have not been blessed to become soul reapers.

Kaji wondered what the heck a soul reaper was but he threw that question off as he walked off. He continued to look around again this time his eye caught something in black.

Kaji's instincts took hold and he ran off after the figure soon having a good pace behind the person. However kaji soon found himself on the ground in a heaping mess as the man was behind him.

As kaji tried to stand up the mans foot sat directly on his chest constricting his breathing. Kaji looked up at the man in black his robes hanging down and his face was red and he held a stench kaji knew very well.

The man was drunk and it looked like he was pissed. Kaji knew this wasn't going to end well. So he did what he could. He buckled his chest up to offsteady his opponent and he then rolled to the side and brought his arm onto the mans leg and made the man fall to the ground.

The man fell and hit the ground with a crack. Kaji was now ontop of the man his hand going for the mans sheith to take the weapon from the man and make sure it couldnt be used againts him. As kaji grasped the blade something stranged happened. It responded.

The blade had taken kaji into its realm. Kaji unknown to what was going on was shocked as he appeared into a new place from when he was just ontop of a drunken idiot about to bludgen him into a pulp. Now he was in a realm in which everything was black.

Kaji soon heard a voice call out to him. The voice spoke his name wich was very odd and soon a figure of a falcon appeared before him. That falcon then changed into a man who looked exactly like his father.

The spirit then spoke to kaji and explained the situation. Kaji had been destined to wield this blade and this fool who held him in a sheith was only a trainee and would never be accepted. The blade wanted kaji to take him and be his wielder.

Kaji before he was able to say any word he was back into the realm of the non-living. He was still on top of the man who was now passed out and he held the zanpaktou in his right hand. Kaji entirely wanted to stab the man and just walk off. However he stood up off the man and was soon hit in the back with the hilt of a blade.

Kaji fell forward the breath knocked out of him. He made a quick recovery rolling forward and spinning to place his feet on the ground and pounce up in just a few moments facing his attacker. It was another man in black but he wore a white robe over it.

The man chuckled as he looked at the other one on the ground. He then gazed at kaji and saw the zanpaktou. The man walked forward picked up the man on the ground and slung him over his shoulder and began walking away. He told kaji to follow him.

Shinigami days

Soon after the encounter with the man, kaji was placed into the shinigami academy. He learned fast and soon surpassed the other students who had been there for a while. Kaji was a natural for some odd reason. His abilities were amazing but he lacked the abilities to concentrate for more than 5 minutes.

Kaji only after about 3 weeks was sent from the academy with his zanpaktou. He was placed into the second court guard squad by the captains's urging.

He and his captain met a few times and became friends fairly fast. Kaji felt something strange about this man and for some reason he was drawn as if they were related and fated to be intertwined. Kaji didn't believe in fate at the time and he shrugged it off trying to be a normal squad mate.

However as time passed kaji's powers grew as he learned from the man. Kaji found himself watching the mans abilities in the technique flash step and soon found himself taking up his fighting style of hand to hand flash step style.

As time continued the third seat on the second squad opened up and kaji took the position. However the position no longer mattered as in most peoples mind they saw kaji as more of a shadow that a person. If the captain was there kaji was there as well hidden but it had become a obvious occurrence.

The captain and kaji had become great friends and they both relished the friendship. Kaji had become somewhat stronger than most imagined but he still couldn't harness a shinigami's ultimate weapon. There bankai ability the captain said he didn't need it . Kaji soon became a term for the second squad. He became known as the blade of the second sguad.

Some believed Kaji was just the captains blade released since he was rarely seen holding a blade. Kaji however was content following his captain.

Rightful strike

However the layers of fate stacked up for the worst as kaji and his captain were sent on a mission. A sucide mission to be exact. They were sent to hueco mundo to defeat a upbringing of hollows. As they arrived there the hollows had been organized and had been tipped off.

However the strangest thing happened as his captain was torn to pieces a hollow had entered kaji's body and began infusing itself with him. Kaji clenched in intense pain as a mask began to form and his body began to become white bone looking structures. He screamed as his hands clenched the mask.

It was a hollowification kaji was becoming a hollow but he was fighting it. Soon a explosion occured and the hollows were obleterated and kaji layed on the ground a mask in his hands.

He awoke after a few hours and looked around to see his captains body in ravaged pieces. He sighed as he dug the mans grave. Kaji soon found his way out of the realm by using his mask's abilities and he dissapeared into the human realm.

Rp Sample:
Sousei was asleep in the dirt of a mountain trail that morning. He awoke when the sun broke through the clouds and hit him in the face. He yawned as he stretched his arms in the sky. He tried to stand up but every time he got close to standing his legs wobbled and sousei had to flail around to stay on his feet. He finnally managed to stand up and he looked down at himself.

His black jeans had a new hole right at the knee cap and it wasn't that great of a look with his shredded white t-shirt. Sousei had been scrapping in the forest with a few animals that he was cool with. It was part of his own training regime he had devised to work on his taijutsu.

As sousei tried to make his way down the path back towards the forest. However as he passed a tree he smacked his head. HE WAS LATE!!!!!! Sousei was late for his first day of training with his old freind and his new sensei. Sousei instantly bolted down jumping off the cliff.

Sousei was in a perfect freefall but it didn't stay that way for long as from two holes in his shirt two wings burst from his back and soon sousei was flying towards the village of kumogakure at his fastest speed possible. His wings glowed a deep red color and soon they became a blur of red as sousei hit top speed.

After a few moments sousei just let his wings refold as he dropped from the sky right through a small clearing and he landed with a big thud in the dirt his head making first impact. He rolled over and brought his hand to his head as he stood up and said "Am i late?"
(stolen from a naruto site im on kinda to lazy to write one up)


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Re: Kaji Kanto

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