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Tenshoku Taiyou/ Vaizard Elite

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Tenshoku Taiyou/ Vaizard Elite

Post  Tenshoku Taiyou on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:17 am

Taiyou Tenshoku

Race: Vaizard (Elite)

Age: 498

Visual age: 25

Ex-Division: 1st



Personality: Tenshoku's personality depends on how well you know him. For example, at formal meetings and such, with people he doesn't know, he usually sits back and says a minimal of nothing, to a maximum of only few words. With his friends, he talks like a normal human being, if you could even call him that. He's very synical and demented, especially during good battles. Although he's kept it a secret throughout his life, he's intended on overthrowing the vaizard ranks, and becoming the leader. He's dominative, yet secrettive as well. Yet when someone does something incredibly stupid, he has no problem laughing directly in their face.

Background/History: Years among the living

Tenshoku was an odd birth. Odd in so many ways. His entirely large family was their, at the Taiyou household. It was a homed birth. Nothing unusual about that. Nothing unusual about his family either. They were all some of the most normally related people you could think of, and on top of it, they were glad about being so normal. They had normal family reunions, lead happy lives, and were upper middle class. They all brought banners to the birth, labeled "IT'S A GIRL". Just another thing to make young Tenshoku Taiyou embarresed of his family. Yes, they were a normal family. This birth was about to change it all. He was about to be the first akward addition to the family, and noone would like it. Not even Tenshoku himself.

Tenshoku Taiyou finally came out. Everyones eyes focused at his face, for two reasons. Well, first reason being, he was the newborn baby. Everyone wanted to see exactly what he looked like. Second reason that they couldn't keep their eyes off of him, was because of the color of his eyes. One of them was purple. PURPLE. With a normal black pupil. If that wasn't odd enough, his other eye was pink, with only a small black iris and an odd design in his right eye. That alone was enough to make his whole family jaws agate. The other slightly wierd thing was this. He wasn't laughing, crying, or showing any sort of emotion really. He just looked blankly around the room at all the surprised faces.

Noone visited the Taiyou household anymore. They all thought that Tenshoku was some kind of freak of nature or something. The odd one out in the family, that's all he was. His family was about to isolate him even more. His own family barely payed any attention to him, and it was okay. Tenshoku barely required any attention at all. His older brothers and sisters often tried to get him to join in along with their fun and games, but Tenshoku liked to watch TV and draw. He never went outside or did any outside activities. In the car rides that they had, to go on vacation and what not, Tenshoku would just sit in the back of the car and stare out of his window while the rest of his family engaged in sociable conversation.

One day, Tenshoku and his family took a trip out to california when Tenshoku was about 8 years old.. They had heard a lot about the beaches their, that they were the best and all. They thought that maybe Tenshoku would like the beach, and release his inner preppiness, which the rest of Tenshoku's family seemed to have so much of. At this age, Tenshoku was beginning to feel left out from the rest of the world. He was overly bugged by his families shenanegens, and how they always tried their best to get him involved. His brother, Hyroku, and his sister Rin were exactly alike. They always followed their parents examples, being fun and respectful. A typical prep. They both were. His parents were the worst. They were the kind that sang songs in the car everyday to, "Get everyones spirits up". This annoyed Tenshoku the most out of anything.

Singing in the car was exactly what they were doing right now. They were all singing "Camptown-Lady", a song that they somehow made longer then "99 bottles of juice on the wall". Rin and Hyroku joined in, singing as well. Tenshoku had his window open, trying to escape his families annoying noises. He felt like he was literally about to throw up. His dad got really into the song, closing his eyes and singing. Stupid. He felt a bump as he drove along the mountain road, realizing it was a small squirrel, they swerved along the side of the road. Tenshoku realized what was about to happen, and he jumped out of his opened window, undoing the seat belt right before he did so. He hit the ground with a thump and rolled over to the side of the road, falling next to a mountain. A mere 6 seconds later, you could an extremely loud.. "thump-KABOOOMM!"

Tenshoku knew exactly what it was. It was his very own car, falling off of a cliff to the very bottem of a rocky valley, then exploding for some odd reason. Removing his hands from his ears, he looked around to see if his family were still alive. For some reason, he actually cared about them right now. He looked around, not seeing a trace of them, then travelled over the the cliff where the car swerved off. There he could see his mother, his brother and sister--.. but no dad. His dad had fallen to the back end of the cliff, along with his entire family. Still, Tenshoku showed no emotion. He hardly ever did, and sadly, even in the presence of his fathers death, he didn't care. He simply looked down at his siblings who were hanging off the edge of a cliff.

His sister was was crying with fear and sorrow for her lost father. His brother was panting deeply with a scared look in his eyes, as was his mother. Tenshoku had never seen them like this. This is the first time he had seen expressions of fear of death, especially from his parents. It was odd.

"Help, Tensho! I'm about to slip" his brother said, calling out to his younger brother in fear. Tenshoku shot him an uncaring look. The same look he always uses, with everyone. His sister was crying in the background.

"Why did daddy have to die?! Why did Tenshoku live?! He's a freak.. he doesn't even belong in our family. Why God?! Why does he deserve to live?!!"

Tenshoku looked at his sister with a look of the upmost hatred. It seemed like, throughout the years, Rin and Tenshoku talked the least. tensho was almost starting to like Rin for this, but then he realized the reason for their miscomunications. They were destined to hate eachother. They were of two different types of people. Rin was a judgemental, overly excited, uneducated girl in Tenshoku's eyes. Just her statement alone led him into doing what he did.

"You want me to help you, ehh? I think not." He then kicked a rock along the cliff, which caused a rockslide. He was glad to rid himself of his two annoying siblings. Most definetely. Each one of them had a different personality which deeply annoyed him. Except for..his mom. She was actually some what of a nice person, only because, out of the 4 people in his family, she was the one who talked to him the most. As he kicked her to her doom, she had this look in her eyes. The kind of look that said, "Why Tensho?" This almost broke Tenshoku's heart, a tear swelled up in his eyes. His family was only trying to take him to the beach and have a good time. They only wanted the best for him. Tenshoku pondered and raged at the question:WHY am I so WEIRD? he said.

At this moment, something odd happened. His eyes turned blue, both of them. He fell to his knees then stared at his shaking hands. He was crying. He had never felt this emotion before. He was sad about what happened to his family, but could somehow only care about his own emotions. Whenever he saw people crying, he thought of them as weak, and walked on by. Now he understood. It felt good to cry when something horrible happened, it was a form of release. Lee put his head into his hands and enjoyed the tears that came from his eyes. He cursed himself for what he did. What was I thinking?

(I'm just going to sum up what happened next in a paragraph or two, for it would take forever to explain)

Tenshoku realized what he had to do. He went into the most nearby city, and called his cousins. He told them some fake story about his parents and siblings all going off on a car ride without him, and falling off a cliff. It was easy to believe since they might have done that anyways. The cousins flew from Japan and picked him up, bringing him back to his home country. Tenshoku stayed in his house for the rest of his life, for the most part. All in his own, no company at all. Just him and his fireplace. He loved his fireplace, just because it made him seem royal. He didn't have a job, even at the age of 16, but he drew in his entire familys accounts, and survived with that. None of his other family would help him into getting a job, so he was screwed. He never attempted to make any friends. Maybe it was because he thought that everyone was like his family. He thought that their was noone in the world like him, that he was some kind of alien or something.

One very horrible day, something happened to him that he truly regretted. Well, he didn't care at the time, but looking back on it from his time as a vaizard, he regretted it. His uncle came in, very old and wrinkely, different from when he last saw him. He said he wanted to ask some questions. He came in, and Tenshoku already pretty much knew what was happening. He was going to ask him about his parents' death. To be short and simple, Tenshoku's uncle thought that he had killed his parents, for he was some kind of 'freak'. They got in a big fight, and killed eachother in the end. This is how Tenshoku died, and woke up in a mysterious place called "Rukongai".

(Alright, time to get all descriptive and stuff again Wink. I'm going to put my next portion in a new post soon.)

RP sample: Here's an rp sample from another site, where i'm the Kazekage. Here's the post entry
Sanosuke stepped out of the bar, pushing the double doors open, and shaking off his drunken state of being. Hey, he didn't know all this would happen TODAY. The double doors of the bar closed in and out behind Sanosuke as he watched the destruction being wrought about. Already? And only a few days in office. Although, he had expected something like this. His village was prone to attack, as there was a frequent loss in shinobi. But when Sanosuke took a look at all the ninja defending the village, he smiled, and realized something. It's not about quantity, it's about quality.

All these ninja were brave enough to step up to two members of the Akatsuki, without the slightest bit of order given? They were truly heartfelt of this village, and Sanosuke couldn't let them down. He was after all, the Kazekage.

He performed a clone jutsu, and the both the clone and Sanosuke took separate paths. Sanosuke's main concern was the safety of his village, not the destruction of the two Akatsuki. Sanosuke's clone had a mind set--

"Save the lower-leveled ninja."

The clone came across two genin, one yelling to the other. "The villages need to get to safety, and I'm going to get them there!" the young genin said, while the other one fled. Sanosuke's clone took hold of her hand, dragging her along with him as he ran to the other genin, putting them both on his side. Sanosuke's clone spoke, with the utmost sincerity " I admire your courage, and I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to become hurt. You aren't strong enough yet."

The clone ran off into the dunes south of Sunagakure. He would be back soon.

Sanosuke stored away his chakra in his chakra seal as he walked towards the Akatsuki. A red aura around him seem to be concentrated onto the point of interest, the seal on his right arm. It was draining 20% of his chakra. It also drained him of his ability to use S ranked moves. But this would help him later, in a great way. (3 posts).

One of the Akatsuki had fired some sort of exploding blast at an old building that had been there since he was a young boy. The man was perched on top of a building, aiming downwards, and looking around. What was he looking for? The building he had targeted was completely destroyed, leaving only dust and debree.

First target.

His "target" was now running, or, should we say, hopping, across building. Sanosuke ran with him, making sure to keep secluded from his opponent, but keeping up as well. He saw right through the trick he was playing on Drac, the supposed "Demon King". Sanosuke had known about him, but had never actually talked to him. I guess this would be a chance for a first meeting.

Sanosuke kept from getting too excited. He had to stay quiet, or he would give away his position. That was something he couldn't afford with this technique. Sano performed a string of hand-seals, procedingly putting his hands to his mouth. This was his Great Fire Dragon technique. From his mouth, Sanosuke expelled a large dragon head made of fire. He was aimed at the back of his opponent, who was perched on a large building. The attack was quick, and looked to be quite hard to dodge. Then, risking his attack cover, he yelled to Drac.

"Drac, stop!! Stop right where you are, don't move any closer, and don't let him tempt you. It's a trick!!"

The attack was gaining on his opponent, so it still had a chance of taking him by surprise. It was a low chance, for an S ranked ninja. But a chance it was.

here's the link, if you need it. :3

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Re: Tenshoku Taiyou/ Vaizard Elite

Post  Tenshoku Taiyou on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:17 am

The Soul Society

Tenshoku awoke from being stabbed by his uncle with a big sword. The room he awoke in was odd, like it had a lighter expression to it then the real world ever did. If this was heaven, this was certianly not how he imagined it. Or if it was hell, he still didn't imagine it all the same. He sat up from his bed and then looked out the window, into what he would later recognize as a place called "Rukongai". He realized now what completely had happened. He and his uncle had killed eachother, and he was dead. The most dreadful part about it was this: His uncle lay in a bed right beside him, giving him a look of the utmost anguish. Damnit

Tenshoku had the crappiest next two monthes of his life--well, of his death. His family were angels, in which I meen, they were great people. Well, not in Tenshoku's eyes, but to all others, yes they were. They constantly nagged him about the whole, "You killed me" Ordeal. Only his mother kept silent. That bothered Tenshoku a bit, for she was the only one he respected. They never conversed during his stay. Only once, when he left. His brothers and sisters approached him daily, in attempts to beat him up. He never got rest. His father and his siblings had turned from angels to revenge hungry demons. Well, in Tenshoku's eyes that is.

"Why didn't you save me when you had the chance too?!" Hyroku, Tensho's brother yelled at him as he gave him another slam in the cheek. They were positioned behind an allyway, which weren't that many in Rukongai.

"You killed us! You kicked us off the cliff! How could you?!" His sister yelled in tears.... Bitch... she wiped her tears, then gave another distasteful remark. "You don't deserve to be here in Rukongai! You should be damned to hell for what you did!" She slapped him to the ground and kicked him. It was becoming a family event for them, to beat up on poor Tenshoku.

"You evil little boy," his older brother said, even though Tenshoku appeared bigger and stronger. Tenshoku felt that he was obligated to let his siblings beat him up. He actually felt remorse for what he did. Like he owed it to them to let all of their feelings out on them. Even the dad. It was mentally scarring to have to watch your dad beat you up in heaven. It was a horrible few monthes in Tenshoku's life, which is what caused him to do what he did next. At the same time that he was being beat up by his family, his next best friend would come along to save him. Lee Kazura. The most unique man he had ever met. For, this was the man who didn't care about anyones differences in a negative way. He found them all amusing, no matter what they were. Or so it seemed.

Lee pushed Tensho's dad and sister aside with both of his hands, then kicked Tenshoku's brother away.He gave them all a look of disgust, then reached his hand out to the fallen Tenshoku, who was sprawled across the floor. Lee took Tenshoku to the soul society, where he trained a bit to become a shinigami. With no luck on unclocking his zanpaktou's shikai, he returned home to say his final goodbyes. All he really cared about was his mothers farewell, if she had one for him. So he exited Seretei and travelled the short distance back to Rukongai, where his family lived.

As he entered his 'home' back in Rukongai, he gave his siblings a nice smile. Or, atleast he tried, with all his might. They descided not to bbeat him up again, and simply gave him a look of scorn. As did his father. Fuck em.... Tenshoku turned towards his mother, who stared back at him. Lee fought to get these words out of his mouth, and to keep the tears from coming into his eyes. He meant every word of what he was going to say, however.

"I'm sorry to have killed you. I don't know what came over me, I just--"

"It's okay.." his mother cut in. A tear formed in Tenshoku's eye, but he held back the rest.

"I know you aren't a bad kid. I've known it all along. I've always thought your eyes were beuatiful. Both of them. I just didn't talk to you very much because, well.. You never seemed to like to socialize." Tenshoku felt more relieved then he ever did at this moment. This woman had understood him all her life, and he only gave her death in return. Damnit... Tenshoku thought. He held back his tears, they were raging from his face. They were trying.

"Thank you mother. I'm leaving back to soul society. Although i'm having some trouble with my zanpaktou, I'm aiming to become a shinigami, in hopes that I can relieve my murderous past," Tenshoku said. After sharing akward looks with the rest of his family, he started for the door, glad to be rid of that expierience.

"Just remember Tenshoku," Tenshoku's mom said as he started to leave. "Your name, although it doesn't quite reflect your personality. It meens 'The Calling Sun'."


Upon coming back to the soul society, Tenshoku was able to unlock his shikai abilities within a little bit of time on being there. It was all thanks to his mother really. "Just remember Tenshoku, your name, although it doesn't quite reflect your personality. It meens 'The Calling Sun'." Tenshoku derived the words from that, and made them out to what he knew they were. If his name reflected his personality, then he could control light, and other things that originated from the sky. But his name was opposite from him. He wasn't a sun type person, he was more of a moon type person. Tenshoku was faster then some vice captains at this level.

On one trip out to Karakura town, in the real world, he was dealing with some hollows along with his entire squad. He realized his zanpaktou had to deal with diamonds, and the sky. In a bustling attempt, he tried to use his sky diamond technique. A large diamond like structure, the hardest thing in the world, flew from the sky, gaining so much speed that it literally caught on fire. It flew down at the hollow and blinding speed, crushing the hollow before it could even make a move. The diamond created a large crator in the ground, and hollow remnants as well. The streets were on fire.

As he fell, he didn't know what was going on. He would have done something about what was going to happen if he weren't so tired, but that was just the thing. He was too tired to hear the roar of the hollow behind him. Well, under him, with his mouth opened. He heard the yells of his fellow shinigami as he fell into the mouth of the hollow. tenshoku looked behind him, but it was too late. He had fallen directly into the mouth of the hollow. It was disgusting. The hollow didn't even need to chew, it was so large that it simply swallowed the shinigami whole, and into the stomach. He hit the bottem of the stomach, a material that he didn't wish to know of, with a loud "pwak!" He stood up and brushed the blood off of his clothes.

"This is such a shameful way to die," Tenshoku said in a humurous way. "I could never let it happen this way... never." Tenshoku didn't have to, either. His shikai was made of the hardest, sharpest mateirial in the world. If he couldn't cut through a hollows stomach from the inside, then it was his strength that was faultered. And his strength wasn't faultered. Tenshoku picked up his blade, which was already in it's diamond, shikai state, he stabbed his blade out the hollows stomach from the inside. Then, with both hands a grasp on his blade. He slashed a large circle in the hollows stomach, making it collapse as Tenshoku hopped out lightly. His shinigami robe was dirty, but his pride was clean.

The shinigami behind him clapped and cheared for him, and he just smiled and humbly bowed in return. All the hollows were dead. As he began to walk back to his group, his foot hit something, and it fidgetted around on the floor. He looked down to see the mask of the hollow he had killed. He picked it up, and put it on out of curiosity. Now, he knew nothing about the powers of the mask, nor the vaizards. He just wanted to see what it was like behind the hollow mask. The power from the mask sprang out, and caused Tenshoku to black out.

The next thing he knew, he was in an uncomfortable chair in the middle of a large room. It was dark, but he could see the brightness of the mask he had tried on before in his lap. He looked around, but refrained from panicking. He wasn't one to panick, or show mostly any emotion at all, although he was starting to regain some.

"Tenshoku... you're with us now."

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Re: Tenshoku Taiyou/ Vaizard Elite

Post  Tenshoku Taiyou on Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:40 pm


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Re: Tenshoku Taiyou/ Vaizard Elite

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