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Arrancar/Hollow Template

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Arrancar/Hollow Template

Post  Ikkaku Madarame on Mon May 25, 2009 4:28 pm

Gerenal Info:

Name: (Your characters Name)
Age Appearance: (Age your character looks like)
Real Age: (real age of your character)
Gender: (Male of Female?)
Living Area (Where do you live?)

Misc Info:

Espada: are the top-ranked Arrancar in Aizen's recently-acquired army of hollow-shinigami hybrids, the most powerful hollows under Aizen's command, and the main rivals of the Gotei 13.

Must have 18 good paragraphs of history.

Privaron Espada: The Privaron Espada are former Espada who have officially lost their rank and are assigned a three-digit number. Being former Espada, they are far stronger than the normal Números. They reside in the part of Las Noches called Tres Cifras, which translates literally from Spanish as "three digits".

Must have 14 good paragraphs of history.

Fracción:These Arrancar are the combat specialists. They are assigned a two digit number at birth from 11 to 99 to indicate their age (Número 11 is the oldest, Número 99 is the youngest). The basic Número uniform consists of a white-collared jacket and robes held with a black sash.

Must have 10 good paragraphs of history.

Exequias:The Exequias are Arrancar that are part of the execution division, apparently charged with termination of intruders and rebels. They are the equivalent of Soul Society's Onmitsukidō. Their captain is the bull-headed Rudobone, who can spawn a seemingly infinite amount of the soldiers that form this group.

Must have 6 good paragraphs of history.

Hollow: are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human world for too long. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers that devour the souls of both

Must have 2 good paragraphs oh history
Power: (sum up your characters power)
Apperance:(What does you character look like?)
Personality: (How does you character act?)

Background Info:
History:(The history of your character.)
Rp Sample:(Tells us how well you rp)
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